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TabGPT:A Browser Extention with AI Powered Chatbot

Enhancing Your Browsing Experience

Your Trusty Assistant in Google Chrome


TabGPT is an innovative AI-based Chrome browser extension designed to enhance the user's browsing experience by providing instant information and assistance. Users will enable the extension ask questions and get answers from TabGPT.


A virtual assistant powered by AI, integrated into the Chrome browser.


Real-time question answering, content summarisation, language translation, and more.

Installation and Setup

  • Users can easily install TabGPT from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Upon installation, users may need to sign in or authenticate their usage to enable personalised responses.

Browsing Assistance

  • TabGPT can provide quick answers to factual questions, making it a handy tool for research.
  • It can assist in summarising lengthy articles or pages, offering users concise information.

TabGPT is a product form Falaq.

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